Bea Oliver

Freelance Clients

"Bea is one of the most professional designers I've worked with. She combines creativity with real-world experience to deliver beautiful designs and highly polished results. We've used her skills to create packaging designs, graphics and even powerpoint presentations. Her work has been invaluable to us and I often seek her input for any project I work on."
--A. Zahran, Strategist and Entrepreneur - Infinitec, Inc.

"I highly recommend Bea as a Graphic Designer and artist. She is an out of the box creative designer. I was very pleased with the diligence and detail that was given to complete the work performed."
--F. Amos, President - Done Right Printing LLC

TRX, Inc.

"Bea has done a great job becoming our resident expert for the web. She did a great job creating The Matrix (an online sales & training tool), and satisfying stakeholders in a project that had conflicting ideas. The Matrix is a useful marketing asset that sales has already started to use. She worked countless hours, often late at night, to complete this project."

"Bea has also done an amazing job designing templates for new collateral...that resulted in high quality marketing pieces; her fresh design helped to rebrand TRX as a professional, innovative company. Bea also edited webinar videos and was the sole designer for all marketing assets."

"Bea has high professional standards she upholds daily and is especially strong in her commitment and high expectations. Our resident expert on many technical issues, she is great at troubleshooting problems. She is a team player who has worked countless hours going out of her way to assist in projects outside her scope. She is dedicated and driven when it comes to meeting deadlines, and will communicate with team mates to ensure that projects are completed on time."
--H. Scarpero, Director of Marketing - TRX, Inc., A Concur Company

"I had the pleasure of working with Beatriz when she saw a need in my department, despite other pressing commitments, and made her marketing expertise available to me and my team. Beatriz was not only proactive in helping my team succeed with a graphic design project, she treated us with as much professionalism and sense of urgency as she would have any other client. Her work product was fresh and more than we actually asked for. Beatriz is one of the most teachable, flexible practitioners I've worked with - always curious about what interests her clients. In the midst of her competing priorities and my deadlines, she was always fun and engaging to work with. Beatriz is a strong contributor and a talented professional. She is an excellent addition - to a team or as an individual contributor."
--K. Hilton, Vice President HR - TRX, Inc., A Concur Company

"I got a chance to work with Bea... and learned much from her. For instance, how to use Content Management Systems (CMS), prepare documents for print, and how to work as a Graphic designer in a corporate team oriented setting. I can safely say that my career as a graphic designer took off as a result of the knowledge I received from Bea. She's a true professional."
--C. Obaze, Graphic Design Intern - TRX, Inc., A Concur Company

Valued Services, LLC

"Bea was a great addition to our marketing team. She was very organized, diligent, cost conscientious and learned quickly. Bea produced a high volume of professional, crisp, clear product. She demonstrated initiative and resourcefulness. I felt comfortable giving Bea any task. She followed direction, offered suggestions, and was able to produce a variety of creative products. Bea would be a wonderful asset to anyone fortunate to bring her on to their team."

--D. Cook, President of Marketing - Valued Services, LLC

"Attached are pictures of the Nashville billboard we are testing. Within the first 2 days, Jim reported it brought in 15 people. [The billboard] definitely got attention!." --D. Cook, President of Marketing - Valued Services, LLC


"Beatriz Oliver has a wealth of knowledge in the field of graphic arts. [She] is as pleasant and helpful as she is knowledgeable." --M. Hildebrand, Art Director - Perrigo

Ideal Printing Company

"Bea has impressed me with her eagerness to learn and continues to stay in tune with the graphic industry...and [I] find her excitement about obtaining new skills infectious. Bea's dedication, enthusiasm and dependability, plus her talents in graphic design and prepress work make her an asset to the graphics and printing industries. The employer who gains Bea as a member of their team will reap the rewards of a caring and conscientious individual."

--S. Gardisky, Prepress Manager - Ideal Printing Company, Inc.

Gulfstream Graphics, Inc.

"[I] have nothing but good memories and thoughts of [Beatriz], and remember [her] as one of the best graphic artists we ever had..." --M. Luppino, Owner - Gulfstream Graphics, Inc.


"Thanks to Beatriz's proactive and assertive actions, the workflow between the Delray Beach Sales and Prepress Departments has improved. In addition, her actions have proven beneficial in strengthening the partnership between Sales and Prepress." --2003 Prepress PRIDE Award, Sun-Sentinel

"Bea went above and beyond today to help. And because of her efforts we are going to get more revenue."

--S. Rosenthal, Advertising Sales Consultant - Sun-Sentinel

"[Beatriz] understands what I need for my customers."

--F. Eisenberg, Advertising Sales Consultant, Display Advertising - Sun-Sentinel

Speedking Printing Center

"[Beatriz] is hard working, personable and well liked by the customers, and as such she has proven to be an asset to my business." --K. Patel, Owner - Speedking Printing Center


Front-end development:
Standards' compliant HTML and CSS coder. Strong working knowledge of Dreamweaver, XAMPP, Fireworks, Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Expression Engine and Hubspot. Experienced in using a variety of browser web developer tools like Firebug, DebugBar, and IE Web Dev Tools. Experienced planning, designing, developing, coding, testing and publishing web sites, web tools, blogs and e-mail blasts. Able to customize, troubleshoot and implement Javascript and JQueryUI functions.

Back-end development: Able to customize, troubleshoot, launch and manage Wordpress and Expression Engine PHP templates. Basic knowledge of Java website customization.

eMarketing and Metrics: Experienced managing Hubspot sites, blog, landing pages and email marketing campaigns. Email marketing campaign design, development, metrics and lead nurturing with Hubspot, Cvent and ConstantContact. Google Analytics' set up and management.


Able to create composite mobile application interface mock-ups, wireframes and visual assets (icons, buttons, splash screens, etc.) for Apple and Android environments. Experienced in mobile application, Excel Macros Reports and FLEX dashboard interface design, and testing.

Recently, while at TRX, I designed, developed, tested, launched and mainained the TRAVELTRAX Matrix, an online sales and training tool. Originally the idea had been presented as a request for a static website with each area of information in its own page. During the planning stages, I pushed for a dynamic development approach that did not require loading additional pages. Instead, the information was displayed dynamically in one page. The Matrix enabled users to launch fully functional reports and FLEX dashboards, a useful function in sales demonstrations, and for training new personnel.

Not only did I design the interface, and how the information flowed to the user, but I also managed the project, created the content (both visual assets and copy), developed, tested the tool in a variety of browsers, launched and maintained it.


Fluidity and expertise in Adobe Creative Suite products: PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Fireworks and Flash.

Seasoned artist with a keen eye for the effective use of typography, aesthetics and the 'Golden Ratio.' Self-motivated individual with an open mind to positive criticism and suggestions.

Persuasive communicator who understands how to reach targeted audiences. Idea engineer with a solid track record in generating successful marketing strategies.


Able to edit, color correct and encode video and audio tracks with Premiere and Soundbooth: Webinars, instructional and music videos and corporate announcements.


Creative and resourceful in finding solutions. Proficient in both Windows and Apple O/S environments; software and hardware installations; troubleshooting and maintenance. Able to learn new software, tasks and techniques effortlessly. Excellent time-management skills. Accustomed and adaptable to fast-paced deadline conditions.


Pre-flighting and prepress output is one of my specialties. I Possess problem-solving ingenuity for preparing files into suitable formats for digital, offset or web presses. Experienced proofing, pre-flighting and correcting discrepancies; resolving postscript, layout and bindery issues; press and bindery inposition; ripping, plating and press-proofs. Endowed with a persistent temperament and acumen for creative troubleshooting and resolution of prepress conflicts and technical errors. Sharp eye for proofreading and press proofing.

Experienced with: Rampage, Preps, QuiteImposing, Pitstop, Acrobat, TrapViewer, ProofIt, PrintManager, Delta Rip, RipIt, Signa Station, HP imposition and INPosition.


Bilingual, fluent in English and in Spanish. Meticulous writer with excellent communication skills; emphasis on impeccable grammar, spelling and punctuation. Able to write SEO compliant web content, user documentation, branding guidelines and technical training material.

I love learning new techniques and reading about the latest technological innovations for web and print design and production. I enjoy digital and traditional illustration, and am always engaged in projects (wheter at work or for personal enjoyment) that keep my skills sharp, and continually improving.

Analyzing systems and protocols, and developing creative solutions to streamline workflow and reduce waste is something I really enjoy. During my tenure at TRX and Valued Services, I designed procedures and organizational protocols that boosted production output by 25% and cut waste in half.

I am interested in progressive and dynamic employment positions, where ongoing education is encouraged and provided. Seldom am I bored in positions where juggling various projects that encompass a variety of media channels. That is why I enjoy Web Development and UI/UX design. Within one platform, one can deliver information in a variety of ways, and with new innovations always emerging, there is never a dull moment.
2007 58th National Auctioneers Annual Conference & Show: Awarded first place for best design in two categories.

Recognized at Perrigo Company in 2008 with the Brown Award for outstanding achievement and creative excellence.

2003 - Recognized at Sun-Sentinel with Prepress P.R.I.D.E. Award for developing and implementing a sales training program and tools which improved workflow and strengthened the partnership between advertising and prepress departments.

Honorable Mention - National School Lunch Week poster contest from the School Board of Broward County, Florida.

Honorable Mention - Seatbelt poster contest from the Broward County Highway Safety Office.
Project Open Hand volunteer - Community outreach program at TRX, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.
Volunteer graphic design work (website and business cards) - Calvary Chapel, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Youth ministry activities - Above and Beyond Ministries, Boca Raton, Florida.
Volunteer Hurricane Wilma relief efforts - Calvary Chapel, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Volunteer visitor at hospice facilities - Calvary Chapel, Fort Lauderdale.
Volunteer at no-kill animal shelter - Abandoned Pet Rescue, Fort Lauderdale, FL.