Bea Oliver


Looking for a Front End Web Developer with strong design skills? Then check this out:

  • Adobe CS expert with 20+ years of design experience
  • 10+ years of hand-coding HTML
  • 6+ years of hand-coding CSS
  • 6+ years customizing, implementing & troubleshooting JS/JQ
  • Websites, blogs, prototypes and wireframes
  • Email marketing and lead nurturing
  • User, developer and training documentation
  • Website and mobile app concept design and guidelines

    Content Management Systems (CMS):
  • 8+ years of Wordpress
  • 1.5 years of Expression Engine & Hubspot

    Email Marketing:
  • 3+ years of Constant Contact
  • 1.5 years of Cvent and Hubspot

Does your company have challenges to surmount? I will find solutions and provide a roadmap to success! Creativity and problem-solving are the most valuable assets I bring to any company. Pushing the envelope of continuous improvement is my trademark; I like to be challenged. Whether working with a team or independently, I adapt quickly and deliver a superior brand of products and services.

In collaborative efforts, I hope to work with a company that gives everyone a fair chance to share and test their ideas. To work within an Agile Development environment where new ideas, technologies and techniques are investigated, considered and embraced, and where my experience and creative talents are respected and allowed expression.